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Buy Real Time Clock Multiplexed Byte EDIP Package. Dallas Semiconductor DSA DS Real Time Clock. Dallas 1PCS DS+ DSA DS DIP IC Dallas Real Time Clock RAM How to test a Dallas DS RTC chip. I just some new ones, they appear to have been made in (date stamp A2) and I installed.

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The other is that some BIOS expect the clock to be partially configured before installation, and only the manufacturer knows what that configuration would be. Jsem na dovo, nestiham schvalovat prispevky. Tipnul bych spatne pripoj nou baterii. App notes from Maxim, datedhttp: We will pay for the return shipping cost,but,All buyers must keep our original products back,including packing,manual,No Damaged Please! Link to PDF datasheet: S DS and hack it with a battery.

However the process is not always quite so hassle-free. Also, was the part number the exact same? So yay for Jameco selling old dead stuff.

Is everything else on the board fine? A souhlas, zacal bych napajenim, kondiky, atp. Krystal, pokud kmita pri normalnim napajeni ok, bych asi nepodezrival. I may still complain to them about it though. Feedback will be left to all transaction automatically.

Pcs Dallas Integrated Real Time Clock DS12887

I checked Mouser and found there are several variants, some with an internal battery and some designed to have the battery and crystal connected externally. Following the web article I hacked de12887 the chip material with a small serrated knife.

Clear cmos jumper not shorted?

Please bid or “Buy it now” only if you agree the price and condition of the product and no argument after the auction ended. Nastesti jich ma RWAP asi dallass a prodava je levne, ale i tak by to chcelo se na to podivat.


I didn’t know until reading this post that there was a replacement. We do not responsible for any custom duty or import tax. Rather neat perhaps, until the battery goes flat in which case the whole chip needs to be replaced!

Bateriová náhrada RTC a NVRAM obvodu DS12887 (MK48T87)

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Product will be shipped only if full payment received, including full shipping cost. As I always do with most of my vintage computer problems, I made a start by searching the Internet.

I have been trying to solve this problem with a ‘ VLB board, but had thought the DS was no longer available. A ta je v poho. Along with the real time clock this chip also holds the CMOS battery, all entombed together in a compact plugin unit. So I guess I’ll need to jump on ebay and buy a N.

If you’re wondering about the internal lithium, register D address 13 decimal in the DS dallws bit 7 if the internal lithium cell has failed.

DALLAS DSA DS DS+ Real Time Clock Byte RAM x 1pc | eBay

Originally Posted by lowen. I needed to do something about it! Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Akorat jsem odbrousil kontakty te puvodni vnitrni baterie a pripojil misto ni na dratky pouzdro s jinou.

All that remained then was to simply wire up a button battery holder to the exposed metal. Also, the batteries on some of these are the rechargeable type – you may have to leave the system on for as long as a day before they are fully charged. If your mobo contains a jumper for that purpose you probably want that version.


Also notes that a non-A will probably replace an A in functionality, but if you set the BIOS password and forget it you will have to replace the chip as there is no way to reset memory. Wendt who wrote up the procedure. Coin cell battery seems like the way to go. Booting up with the reference disk, setting the configuration and clock then rebooting showed the fix vallas perfectly! IE, after install and setup, you powered off the system, waited a minute or two and then checked and everything else was ok.

How to test a Dallas DS RTC chip

Results 1 to 8 of 8. Proste se stopne, pri offlem kompu proste netika. How long was the system on for when you first installed the chip? Final note of significance is that replacing the clock is not a guarantee that the board will now boot, for two ds128887 Neni nekde chyba v kontaktu?

One is that the system may attempt to access the wrong partition on the clock. All eBay messges will be answered within 12 hours. That is assuming you can get the part in the first place. Not easy when dealing with a computer over 20 years old. After these pins were exposed, breaking the connection to the internal battery was easy.

No errors, just a straight boot-through as it should be. Serves me right for not doing the research before hand and buying essentially near dead RTCs.