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Bach made an impromptu visit to King Frederick the Great of Prussia, and was . Gödel, Escher, and Bach are deeply intertwined in this very short Dialogue. What are some of the most riveting concepts featured in Gödel, Escher, Bach? Why isn’t the Douglas Hofstadter book Gödel, Escher, Bach available as an. Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Its truth can only be proven by arguing according to a set of rules called “logic. The most interesting example of levels is in the typogenetics of the DNA. Fictionists and novelists deriving their narrative structures from the sciences and philosophy is nothing new.

The reverse is also true. The chapter Figure and Ground starts with a set of rules for typographical operations which were used in the MU-puzzle and the pq-system, which is the mechanical process of the Turing machine, the parent of what we now know as computer intelligence. Oh yeah, quite a few.

Hofstadter presents the problem like this: Nov 25, WarpDrive rated it it was amazing Shelves: But the writer cannot bring an imagined character out of the book into real life. It would be like recommending large doses of LSD to everyone: Hofstadter is the son of Nobel Prize-winning physicist Robert Hofstadter.

He uses Lewis Carols interaction between Achilles and the Tortoise to help make mental connections for those of us who are literary minded thank you! The Atlantic Media Company.

Enjoy the damn thing. Go get it now! For the latter, just do what you were going to do anyway and look it up on Wikipedia. The book alternates between Chapters and Dialogues.


These narratives frequently dip into self-reference and metafiction.

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid

GEB reads like a collection of sparks, produced when the mind is working at its primed, relaxed, hyper-aware and associative best. I’m afraid I have only read the first half of the last quarter. Buddy Read 1 8 Apr 01, It is difficult, however, for us to jump out of ourselves. That only made me more disgusted with the book, since it turns out that the book is riddled with historical errors where Hofstadter just made things up or ignored actual evidence in favor of making his points.

Gödel, Escher, Bach – Wikipedia

I didn’t find what followed to be original, revolutionary, or brilliant; rather, I found it repetitive, regurgitated, and egotistical. And yes that’s a terrible and cloying analogy that takes it way too far. The countless self-help techniques are testaments to that.

He writes about his eschef with the coast-line measurement problem and the prospect of structuring his fiction upon principles similar to such things as fractals, Mandelbrot and all that. Basically, he showed that any formal mathematical system is necessarily incomplete in specific ways.

All of this applies equally well to artificial intelligencewhich is Hofstadter’s field.

Feynman diagrams are not to be confused with spacetime diagrams, nor with what you would see yb a bubble chamber. Complete list — — — The reading of a book and its interpretation are determined in part by the cytoplasmic soup in which it is taken up.

I won’t tell anyone.

And if Michelangelo had been Siamese twins, the work would have been completed in half the time. Yet if this is truly the case, why does Hofstadter spend so much time discussing Bach; meta-mathematics; literary translation; Tortoises and Achilleses; Zen Buddhism; cellular biology; etc. What exactly is this book about? Eschrr Bookspg The longer I think about it, the more astounding it becomes.


Is it hard going?

Godel, Escher, Bach : An Eternal Golden Braid

Tortoise, Meet Madame Tortue”, saying translators “instantly ran headlong into the conflict between the feminine gender of the French noun tortue and the masculinity of my character, the Tortoise. He spent a few years in Sweden in the mid s.

A friend of mine established The Harvester Press in the s. Bach – The Musical Offering: It usually is not obvious. And I value goedl in a writer. Neurologically, this is illustrated in the process of how symbols interact with each other.

Hofstadter’s many interests include music, visual art, the mind, creativity, consciousness, self-reference, translation and mathematics. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Somehow, in some difficult-to-pin-down sense, the parameters slipped in this sentence do not violate our sense of ‘possibility’ as much as in the earlier examples.

Godel, Escher, Bach in English and in translation would have made him many millions. So you walk away. Number theory requires no great resource of mathematical knowledge – just an extremely agile and open mind.

Overall, this approach is very good at getting you to understand the complicated ideas Hofstadter is getting at. dpuglas

Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R. Hofstadter

Granted, this book may not be for everyone. I believe that this wicked name calling in regard to smart fiction is due to a defense formation against the trauma of being the kind of thing we are and the kind of world we make for ourselves, compulsively.

A work worth taking your time over.