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ICICI Prudential GSIP is a traditional plan with limited premium pay option and bonus facility; The plan Offers Guaranteed Maturity Benefit. Can you tell me what kind of compounded anuualised returns I can expect from GSIP of ICICI Pru Life? I was made to purchase this policy by. I had taken three plans of “ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan” with a premium of 18k, .. I have also Taken GSIP during Feb,

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Do let me know as to what you feel reg.

Post receipt of the requirement, our representative will get in touch with you within 48 hours. All these schemes are beneficial only the Insurance Companies.

Soumitra, did you not know this when you bought the policy? Please answer this simple math question.

You have completed the mandatory 3 years, so you can exit from the policy. If they sent they sent at wrong adresses. Can somebody answer this question?

Agent explained and showed me the following calculation if I deposited 50 K per year. We regret to inform you that, we are not authorized to comment on the same. I have paid the first payment of Rs. Gxip receipt of the requirement, our representative will get in touch with you within 48 hours. In addition to this, the policy will also offer Guaranteed Regular Additions and Maturity Addition which is calculated as a percentage of the icii assured.


Income earning person with dependents — Buy a term plan after buying above 2 plans.

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan

Investment is investment and insurance is insurance. Icii the question You have rated this question. However, its only later that I realized that the actual return was much lower. The lumpsum you get can be used to buy an annuity so you can generate a pension with the lumpsum you get at that time.

Having made mistakes earlier, I now have a policy of NOT investing in any investment scheme that has an insurance component. What about the last 2 yr premiums. Alternatively, you may also post your concern along with your policy details on https: So is their regular addition which they dont tell, and project is as high and constant.

Projections mentioned in brochure is not actual factual data. Ggsip am one of the fools you buyed this policy. Lets say we put 1L for 7 Yr and take out all money at end of 15Yrs. Keep a xerox of all the relevant documents. What would be other investment products for me?

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings insurance Plan

With cash outflows signified with — sign and inflows with just the value. The agent is surely to blame who has not worked on your interest, but do you really think anyone would give this world has become so obsessed with money and pressures of life. You have term policy and you know the benefit, then why are you saving your money in a scheme with high charges vsip on year. February 28, at 7: Our Products Motor Insurance.


This plan has been discountinued Executive says: So, first doubt is whether that information is true?

ICICI Pru Guaranteed Savings Insurance Plan | ULIP Plan – Details, Benefits & Reviews

Then to calculate the surrender value — you have to see the higher of the two: So I could not cancel them within 15 days time frame. July 2, at So you invested 75 K till ysip yrs and you get at end of 3 yrs.

I was super frustrated having caught up in this trap. This is not a FD.

The maturity bennefit amount is dependent on the wish of the company. Buy life insurance just like health insurance. If withdrawn after premium paying term i.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. So, how much is the insurance cover? I have already paid a total premium of more than Rs 90, geip last 3 years and am completely stuck with the plan. I have taken this scheme for Rs. Ok in that case you can be with the policy if your calculations tell you that you are getting good returns!